Xbox’s Latest System Update Fixes a Free Trial Bug

Microsoft has worked on a new Xbox system update. It will be designed to fix issues with EA’s free game trials.

Players have been reporting issues with the free 10-hour trial of many EA Games like Madden NFL 22 for EA Access and Game Pass ultimate subscribers.

According to some reports, players are facing the 10-hours timer was continuing even after they would quit put of the game. This leads to not getting to play for the free trials full 10 hours.

In a recent tweet, the Xbox Support Twitter account revealed that they are working on a new update to fix this issue. According to the Tweet, “A new console update has been released which will stop game trial timers from counting down once a title is entirely quit.

Xbox's Latest System Update

More About the New Xbox Update

The Xbox Support website has not provided any more information on the latest “Xbox latest system update fixes a free trial bug.” They are calling this a general stability and performance improvement update.

Xbox even promised a future system update to boost the user interface resolution for the latest Xbox Series X Consoles.

Recently individuals from the Xbox Insider program who are essential for the Alpha ring got another update to test “an expanded goal UI” before its more extensive rollout. Before this update, the Xbox Series X control centre delivered the dashboard and other UI components at 1080p.



Performance and general stability improvements


Some Xbox users reported that after enabling Dolby Atmos, they do not hear audio.


Some Xbox users even reported that their controller does not respond when returning to a Quick Resume Tittle. The only option to fix this issue is quitting and relaunching the game.


There’s an issue that does not allow the audio mixer to work properly and makes it unadjustable.

A few groups have announced that attempting to dispatch the guide through the controller raises the power menu.


For some players, the icon for disc-based titles is not appearing.

A few groups have detailed seeing a dark/clear screen after introducing an update. A straightforward reboot can regularly resolve the issue. On the off chance that that doesn’t work, a factory reset is suggested. For guidelines, see: How to reset your Xbox Console to factory defaults.


Some Xbox users have reported that their HDMI-CEC is not working properly. To fix this issue, make sure that your TV supports HDMI-CEC and is also enabled. If you face this issue despite following the procedure, you can consider the report problem option.

My Games and Apps

In my games & apps, some games might appear with an incorrect “Trial” tag.


There are a few segments of the dashboard that the Narrator doesn’t as of now read. We’re mindful of the issue and examining it.

Final Verdict

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Xbox’s Latest System Update Fixes a Free Trial Bug Game

Xbox’s Latest System Update Fixes a Free Trial Bug

Microsoft has worked on a new Xbox system update. It will be designed to fix issues with EA's free game...