MyGreenFills: All You Need to Know About This Company

Nowadays, people are more trusting of home-run companies than they are of corporations. The major reason behind this is that home-run companies have better quality control. On top of that, they care more about customer satisfaction and always deliver their promises.

In this article, we’ll talk about a company that has slowly made its mark in the market and has been a popular choice because of the quality of its products. The company is called MyGreenFills and buyers are very satisfied with their products.


MyGreenFills: Story Behind the Brand

Ruth Smith, the founder of MyGreenFills, used to make her own soap back in 1982. Originally, she did not want to start a laundry company revolution. All she wanted to do was to create a soap that would not cause allergies for her kids.

She bought many products from the store but to no use. Thus, she took the matter into her own hands and started making hypoallergenic soaps at home for her children. Initially, it was a necessity for her to make these soaps but then they became a passion.

She trained in homeopathy and formal herbology. There, she learned about non-toxic products and how to make soaps that would not cause allergies.

In 2012, she started working with Stephen Ezell, a green philanthropist who wanted to make a change in this world. When they started working together, the duo took the world by storm as the products found their way into hotels, homes, and markets all over the country.

Even though the laundry industry produces a lot of plastic waste. However, MyGreenFills is a change – a revolution that is meant to make the world greener by the day.

How Does MyGreenFills Work?

Now that we have introduced the company, let’s talk a bit about their framework. Since they’re a bit different from all other laundry companies out there, many people are not aware of how they do what they do.

Simply put, MyGreenFills offers a non-toxic laundry solution for the users. Therefore, all their products come in green packaging that is safe for the environment.

Here’s how it works:

  • You become a lifetime member of the company by selecting your first kit. Since there’s no subscription fee, there are no contracts for you to follow.
  • Then, they send laundry products to you at the frequency you have chosen.
  • First of all, you will get the starter pack which will contain the containers that you need for all the products.
  • During this process, you never once have to throw away the packaging because you get a refill of the same one over and over again.

After getting this membership, you will have a ton of benefits. Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

Save Money

Part of the reason why some products are so expensive is that companies use expensive packaging. On the one hand, most of the packaging material is plastic and it harms the environment.

On the other hand, it raises the price of the product. However, MyGreenFills are refilled so there’s no need for new packaging. That’s why you won’t have to pay that extra money.

High-Quality Products

MyGreenFills uses non-toxic products to create all their products. Thus, all formulations from the company are not just safe for the environment, but they’re also easy on the pocket.

Free Home Delivery

One of the best features of MyGreenFills products is that they come with free shipping all over the country. You will get your products free of charge at your doorstep. Now, you don’t have to stand in long lines at the grocery store anymore.


Another thing to consider is that you will be saving the planet along with meeting your laundry needs. According to an estimate, MyGreenFills has saved the world from a plastic waste of up to 2.5 million pieces.

If you want to contribute to this change, you need to get on board with MyGreenFills products.

Customization Options

Possibly one of the best things about the MyGreenFills product subscription is that you can choose what you want and when you want it. You can select your delivery dates and change the products as required.

Plus, you can customize the frequency of getting the products at your doorstep. Basically, you can change pretty much anything to suit your needs and timings.

Cancel At Any Time

If you don’t want to get the products anymore, you can cancel the subscription. However, the company boasts that you will not want to cancel and we have to agree.

MyGreenFills Products: What Can You Get?

Now, let’s discuss the laundry products the company is selling. Currently, they have a lot of different options for you to choose from. While some are home essentials, others are premium add-ons that you can include in your package if you want to.

Home Essentials

The home essentials include all the products you can possibly need for your laundry. Keep in mind that all products from the company are non-toxic so you’ll never have a complaint about allergies. Moreover, the products work amazingly so their performance is top-notch too.

Here are the home essentials sold by the company:

  • Laundry wash
  • Scented laundry wash
  • Scented and unscented laundry rinses
  • Dryer angel
  • Enzyme stain remover
  • Laundry machine cleaner
  • Oh Happy Day
  • Stain Stick

As you can see from the list, the company does not only have products for your clothes but also for the washing machine.

Replacement Containers

The company also sells replacement containers such as jugs, tubs, and bottles. You can get them for all the products available at the company.

Essential Oils

To make your home smell fresh and your cleaning easier, MyGreenFills also sells essential oils. Some options include:

  • Courage Blend Oil
  • Bara purifying Blend
  • Bara cleansing Blend
  • Cooling Blend
  • Calming Blend
  • Bara Citrus Blend

Premium Add-Ons

Currently, MyGreenFills is selling two add-ons that you can include in your package. These are the OxyBoost Brightener and the Wrinkle Releaser.

Truly Free

These are the cleaning and stain-removing products that you can add to your pack. Here are the options:

  • Everyday Cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Odor and Stain Eliminator
  • Heavy-duty degreaser
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Fruit and Veggie Wash
  • Aloe hand soap
  • Wood and furniture polish
  • Dishwasher soap
  • Stone and Steel cleaning polish
  • Space freshener
  • Dishwasher booster and Rinse Aid
  • Dish Soap

MyGreenFills Aloe Hand Soap: Why So Special?

Among all other products from the company, the most sought-out is the MyGreenFills hand soap with aloe vera extract. It is a nourishing soap that keeps your hands protected from viruses and bacteria while keeping them moisturized and soft.

Benefits of MyGreenFills Aloe Hand Soap

Since it’s one of the most popular products from MyGreenFills, it’s understandable that it might have some amazing benefits. Actually, it does. Let’s talk about them.

  • First of all, MyGreenFills comes in a bottle that lasts forever, reducing your waste. Instead of buying a new bottle every time, you will get a refill for the same bottle.
  • The MyGreenFills hand soap has trusted ingredients that will not cause allergies. Plus, they are non-toxic, keeping you safe from harsh chemicals.
  • You can wash your hands with this hand soap knowing that it will not have any side effects. The company claims that you can ‘clean without compromise’ with this Aloe hand soap.
  • While some other soaps may dry out your hands, the MyGreenFills soap does not.
  • Along with physically cleaning your hands, it also removes germs.
  • It has a soothing aloe vera extract that is quite healthy for your skin.

Why Use MyGreenFills Hand Soap?

The main reason for this hand soap becoming popular among users is that it is environment-friendly. When you run out of hand soap, the company will send you a refill. In this way, you will never have to buy plastic bottles ever again.

Till now, the company has reduced its plastic waste by 2.5 million bottles.

How to Use MyGreenFills Hand Soap?

The MyGreenFills comes in a bottle. All you have to do is the following:

  • Push the stopper on the top to release a pea-sized amount of the hand soap.
  • Lather it on your hands.
  • Rinse with water.
  • Repeat the process multiple times a day to keep yourself safe from germs.

How to Buy MyGreenFills?

The company sells different bundles that you can buy, depending on the laundry products you need every month. For example, the Medium Bundle from MyGreenFills costs $180 for a one-time purchase.

It contains different products, including the MyGreenFills hand soap. However, if you get a subscription, the price goes all the way down to $72 per month. Therefore, it’s wise to get a monthly subscription.

If you want to cancel your plan in the long run, that’s easily possible as the company does not have a contract or a membership fee.

Bottom Line: Is MyGreenFills Worth It?

Although we focused mainly on the MyGreenFills hand soap in this review, we have to say that all other products from the company are just as good. Along with meeting your laundry needs, you will also save the environment. How cool is that?

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